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Careful consulting and accurate preparation to minimize your tax liabilities

Payne Financial Consulting helps our clients to minimize their tax liabilities within the constraints of the Internal Revenue Code through careful consulting and accurate preparation. We can help you with the key personal and business decisions which can have large tax consequences.

We track every change in the tax code, so you don't have to.

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Every time Congress changes the tax code, another layer of complexity is added. In 2007 and 2008 alone, twelve significant pieces of tax legislation became law. Payne Financial Consulting tracks these changes. We stay keen and current by taking continuing education classes throughout the year.

    Payne Financial Consulting can help you with:

  • Wage income and itemized deductions
  • Alternative Minimum Tax and Minimum Tax Credit issues
  • Securities sales
  • Stock option & ESPP transactions
  • Rental real estate including tax-free exchanges
  • Real estate development
  • Self-employed individuals from a broad range of disciplines
  • Pass-through income from trusts, partnerships, S-Corporations, LLCs

    Our consulting services include:

  • Tax projections and planning
  • Stock option analysis from a tax perspective
  • Responses to notices from taxing authorities
  • Audit representation